How to use Bio Spear

Bio-Spear can be applied from a trigger spray, pressure spray or a fogger on hard surfaces, or for fabrics it can be simply immersed in a solution or introduced into the rinse cycle of a washing machine. It can also be applied using our range of wipes with built in disinfectant so you can sanitize and apply a layer Bio-Spear every time you clean.

Bio-Spear comes in a ready to use formula in various size bottles or in a concentrated formula, which you can dilute yourselves. One gallon of concentrated Bio-Spear can be diluted at a ratio of 9:1 and each diluted gallon is enough to treat 2000-2200 sq. ft. So a gallon of concentrate will treat up to 22,000 sq. ft. of surfaces, which is around 2 cents per sq. ft. We recommend you apply every 30 days at this level on concentration and then you will protect all year long.

Bio-Spear must be applied to clean surfaces

Bio-Spear must be applied to clean surfaces to be most effective (if you treat a dirty surface Bio-Spear will attach itself to the dirt and when this is cleaned off the surface underneath will not be protected). You simply spray or fog onto a surface giving a light even covering ( if it starts to run you are applying too much) and let it dry for at least 5 minutes – after that you can wipe off any residual moisture with a micro fiber cloth. You are then protected – it is as simple as that.

Bio-Spear in laundry use

When applying to laundry Bio-Spear can be introduced into the rinse cycle of your machine simply let the garments dry naturally after they have been rinsed in the Bio-Spear and they will be protected for up to 99 washes.

If you have a commercial washing machine please contact us for information re dousing systems and quantities. As a rule of thumb to get a garment protected for 99 washes 8 oz of concentrate will treat around 14 pounds of clothing – and remember it will stay odor free as well. If you do not have a washing machine then simply put 8 oz of concentrate into a gallon of water in a bucket or tub and place up to 14 pounds of clothing into the vessel all at the same time and swirl around to endure even coverage.

For further information please visit our international website www.nanoshieldsolutions .com

Bio-Spear Benefits Of Use

  •  Unique patented bonding technology.
  •  Long-term residual anti-bacterial protection.
  •  GREEN – does not leach or deplete like nano silver.
  • Efficacy proven through independent testing.
  • SAFE – uses no poison or heavy metals.
  • Cannot create super bugs.
  • Anti – fungal and Anti-mold properties.
  • Easily added to finish cycle for manufacturers.
  • Water-based product for safe field applications.
  • Approved for porous and non-porous surfaces and fabrics.

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