How does Bio Spear work?

Bio-Spear is a molecule that at one end creates a very strong bond to a surface and the other end is like a very long carbon spear. When Bio-spear dries the molecule polymerizes and forms a field of carbon spears that attract microbes via cationic attraction and pieces the cell wall – rendering them harmless.

Microbes are attracted to the spears by the slight electrostatic charge contained within the molecule and when they land on the spike the cell wall is pierced and shocked – which destroys the nucleic material inside the cell – rendering it inert. Applying Bio-Spear is the ideal way of preventing biofilm build up.

More importantly as there is no zone of inhibition created Bio-Spear cannot cause bacteria to mutate as there are no leeching poisons – only a mechanical action – so we do not create superbugs and we are also effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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How does Bio Spear work?

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