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The Ultimate Anti Microbial Cleaning Solution That Kills Bacteria

Create your own germ free environment with Bio-Spear The Ultimate Anti Microbial Cleaning Solution that fights bacterial outbreaks, viruses, mold and fungus 24/7.

Bio Spear Anti Microbial


Bio Spear Anti Microbial Cleaning Solution kills bacteria, mold. fungus and most other viruses for up to 90 days after it is applied. It works on both hard surfaces and fabrics…. Learn More

What does Bio-spear do


Bio-Spear is a powerful cleaning solution that creates barrier that kills microbes and bacteria mechanically and so works constantly unlike traditional cleaning solutions 24/7….Learn More

How to use Bio-spear


It you can clean your kitchen you can use Bio-Spear. Simply apply with a spray to protect your environment and loved ones against bacteria mold and fungus….Learn More

How does it work


Bio-Spear creates a nanoscopic antimicrobial bacteria that kills mold fungus and certain viruses mechanically and does not leach anything into the environment….Learn More

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